So, You’re Basic.


Lot’s of people suppress their inner basic bitch for fear of judgement, but their is nothing wrong with enjoying PSL’s, unicorns, day trips to Target and time with your squad. In fact, this is sounds like #goals to me.

8 Reason’s Why Being Basic is Awesome:

1. Basic bitches get joy from the little things- those unicorn earbuds, that latte foam shaped like a cat… #blessed

2. The power a basic bitch yields while cruising the aisles of Target with a PSL in hand is pure magic.

3. If watching hours of Jaclyn Hill/ Nikki Tutorials/ MannyMUA makeup tutorials makes you basic then so be it. You appreciate your appearance and devote time to perfecting your craft. #dedicated

4. Those who are judging your basic-ness are suffering from repressed basic-ness in themselves. You are living your authentic life, you do you.

5. Drinking wine is classy, especially if your pinkie is out. Drinking wine almost makes it acceptable to be a borderline alcoholic.

6. Knowing your angles will only help reduce the number of group pictures that need to be taken to get the perfect insta-worthy picture. So really, you’re expediting the photo taking process. #yourewelcome

7. If your Pinterest recipes and crafts turn out as pictured, you are an artistic genius.

8. Wearing Uggs, Northface and leggings means you can be warm and functional should you have to sprint into Target during a blizzard. #prepared

There seems to be a bit of hypocrisy in the realm of ‘basic’. Chubby wearing, Crossfit going, boat shoe wearing, and bud light drinking basic bros have less stigma associated with their basic-ness than their female counterparts. Why, you ask? Simply, basic bro’s have embraced being basic. Basic bro’s own (and flaunt) their basic-ness and I think it’s time that basic bitches out themselves and do the same.

My thought- embrace your basic bitch, find for tribe and drink all the mimosa’s.